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A Restful Mind and A Resilient Heart

Saturday, 8th Feb 2020
4:00pm to 5:15pm IST

Our mind spends most of the day thinking, planning and remembering tasks. When information is processed in this manner, especially in a hurry, the mind tends to become restless and loses focus. The heart too, is constantly dealing with pain, happiness and so many other emotions. All this leaves us feeling drained after a long day. 

This webinar will help us learn to take our mind from restless to restful and make our heart more resilient. Through this we can boost productivity and build kindness and courage.

Join us for the why, the what and the how of developing “A Restful Mind & A Resilient Heart”.

Saturday, 8th Feb 2020 : 4:00pm to 5:15pm IST
Location : Online webinar (English)

Facilitator : BK Sarita Rathi

Sister Sarita Rathi is working as a coach,  management trainer, inspirational speaker, guiding the development of individuals toward better self-reliance. She holds MBA in HR and PG Diploma in Value Education and Spirituality. In her 25 years of Spiritual Journey she has helped many to identify their true self and walk on the path of personal growth and fulfilment. She was invited by many corporates, Indian Cricket team and even Indian Army in Kashmir to give lectures on Spirituality. With her pure desire to serve mankind, she had been invited overseas in many countries including London, Australia, New Zealand, UAE etc bridge the gap between spirituality and humanity.

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