Awakening The Wisdom Within

Inner Technology Conference

6–9 September, 2019 (Friday – Monday)

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Knowledge is to Know. Wisdom is to Be. In today’s world of data deluge and information overload, there are innumerable opportunities on a daily basis to ‘know’ about various things. What we need today is not more Knowledge, but Spiritual Power to make appropriate choices *after knowing* what is right. We need Wisdom.

Self-Compassion, Self-Reflection, Non-Judgmental Awareness are some of the Spiritual skills that we need to become Wise. We know what to do, we need to become powerful to transform that knowing in to being.

Inner Technology Conference is one such platform where you will learn about these essential spiritual skills. Come join us to Awaken the Wisdom within and become more empowered to make life Happy, Healthy & Harmonious.

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