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About BK IT Wing

IT Wing is committed to empowering IT professionals to achieve balance through the application of Rajyoga Meditation principles in their personal and professional lives.

Our programs have been successful in building a culture of peace and harmony, powered by spirituality among the members and delegates from the industry, who, over the time, have experimented with Rajyoga meditation and used the spiritual tools to excel in their lives.

Conducted 100s of programs in 12 different cities across India. Empowered 1000s of IT Professionals belonging to Infosys, TCS, Intel, Searce, Barclays, HCL, QA Infotech, Oracle, HP, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Events & Retreats

The IT Wing employs spiritual tools & principles to create training courses and events at both national and international levels.

Glimpse of past events

Become a Digital Detoxification Ambassador