Dadi Janki

Born in 1916, she is the active Spiritual Head of Brahma Kumaris. With unshakeable conviction, she refuses to set limitations for herself through her tireless service to others. She has been thus engaged since 1937 and also spent 40 years based in London from 1974.

Dadi mentioned that:
Information Technology has been a wonderful tool to spread the message of spirituality to remote corners of the world. It is indeed magical to see how information reaches to everyone in different cities in different parts of the world in an instant of time. IT has played a vital role in shaping the world
today and also in enhancing the capabilities of Brahma Kumaris to serve the world. In times when people are facing challenges on emotional, social,
psychological and physical levels and are distressed with the current state of affairs, spirituality offers unique and effective solutions to today’s problems.

Didi Nirmala

Didi Nirmala Ji is the Director of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres in Asia Pacific region and Chair Person of IT Wing. Her special area of interest is in the field of self-transformation, personal development and how the human being’s mental process can be enhanced through an accurate method of meditation.

Didi mentioned that:
In today’s fast changing World, Information Technology has brought about a digital revolution that puts challenging demands on the professionals of the industry, making work stressful and tedious rather than easy and worthwhile. This has triggered a multitude of physical and psychological illnesses
in even the younger generations, who are both a key provider and major consumer of the various IT services and products. IT Wing regularly organizes
retreats, conferences and other programs, exclusively for IT Professionals, in different parts of the country. These retreats provide IT Professionals with the necessary ‘Applied Spirituality Tools’ to help them thrive, not just survive, in the modern times.