Inner Peace Through Inner Technology

A Campaign for IT Professionals in Delhi NCR

15th – 29th Feb, 2020

About Campaign

In today’s world of data deluge and information overload, there is a sense of disconnect and restlessness that creeps in our life. Despite professional excellence, peace, joy and happiness seem to elude us at every step. There is an urgent need to explore simple ways to regain these powers in our life. Transforming and empowering our thoughts is a simple way to bring powerful changes in our life and create harmony at every level. We need to become powerful to transform ‘The Knowing’ into ‘The Being’.

We are launching a fifteen-day campaign Inner Peace Through Inner Technology, from 15th to 29th February 2020, for IT leaders, professionals and students in Delhi NCR. The aim of the campaign is to create awareness among IT professionals to live and work in a balanced, stress-free and positive way.

Inner Peace

Campaign Launch
15 Feb, 10.00 AM
IIM Noida Campus


'Knowing' to 'Being'
15-29 Feb
Across Delhi NCR

New Beginning

Closing Ceremony
1 Mar, 10.00 AM
ORC, Pataudi Rd, Gurugram

Campaign Launch

15th Feb, 2020 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus, Sector 62, Noida

Campaign Launch

15th Feb, 2020 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus, Sector 62, Noida

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Registration is FREE but compulsory

Sessions in Delhi NCR

15th – 29th Feb, 2020

Experienced team of IT & Spiritual Leaders would cover below topics

(All Sessions are completely free of charge)

  • Digital Detoxification
  • Keeping Calm, no matter what
  • Saying No to Stress
  • Password for a Healthy Life
  • Overcoming Fear of Uncertainties
  • Debugging the Mind
  • Choose Peace over Anger
  • Easy Mediation for Busy People
  • Science of Meditation
  • Developing Inner Powers
  • Reconnecting with the Self
  • Harmony in Relationships
  • Emotional Engineering
  • Inner Power for Success
  • Challenge the challenges
  • 24*7 Secured happiness
  • Managing Time and Targets
  • Reclaiming Resilience
  • Work life Integration
  • Creating a Conscious Future
  • More Topics as Required

You can also host a session in your organisation

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New Beginning

(Closing Ceremony)

1st March, Sunday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Bilaspur Chowk, Gurugram

Registration is FREE but compulsory

For any query, please contact: | +91-9810298111, 8076989968, 9870120267

Commonly Asked Questions

No this is not a paid event.

It is helpful if organisation can make following arrangements
- Hall with laptop, projector, speaker, mic white board and markers to conduct session
- Pen, paper for participants
Sessions can be conducted without these facilities, but a hall will be required.

Yes registration is mandatory.

Sessions can be conducted in English or Hindi as per organisation's preferences. Kindly share your language preference during registration.

Preferred duration would be 90 mins, which You can choose while registration however minimum duration is 1 hour.

No we are religion neutral and uses meditation & spirituality to improve quality of life.

Anyone who is interested can participate. For the inaugural session you are invited with family, however it is preferable not to bring children below 10 years of age.

No, there is no dress code. Participants can wear formals or business casuals as per preference.

Yes, sufficient parking is available at both the venues

Digital Detoxification

Overcoming Fear

Harmony in Relationship

Debugging the Mind

Challenge the Challenges

Science of Meditation

Work-Life Integration

24*7 Secured Happiness

Calmness in Chaos

Decode the Destiny

Saying No to Stress

Easy Meditation for Busy People

Many more topics as required by Host Institution