Empowering the Self

Inner Resilience leads to Outer Agility

A refreshing spiritual retreat in a beautiful, nature-inspired campus, nestled amidst the majestic Aravali mountain ranges in Mt. Abu.

‘Empowering the Self’’ Retreats aim to create such safe, silent and reflective spaces, in the lap of nature to help you relax, reflect, recharge and become more resilient. We believe inner resilience is the foundation for outer agility.

To lay a foundation for inner resilience, this 3-day inner journey would explore

  • How do I stabilize my mind so that I can utilize my brain better?
  • How do I create an oasis of certainty amidst an ocean of ambiguity?
  • How do I become worriless ?
  • How do I increase the awareness of the present to reduce the uncertainty of the future?
  • How do I nurture a vision for a better me?

Why should I attend this retreat?

In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous) World, where change has become both disruptive and destructive, there is a need for an Internal Anchor to navigate these tough times. Giving oneself a few minutes for silent reflection is no longer a luxury but a need. How to do mindful self-reflection through the use of meditation and relaxation is one of the key skills needed by today’s leaders. 

Good Leaders ask Good Questions. For good questions to emerge in the mind, it needs to be stable and focussed, not distracted and stressed. Because a calm mind is a wellspring of concentration but a distracted mind is a weak and stressed mind. Attending this retreat will help you to learn the skills of calming your mind in the midst of chaos and develop clarity in any given situation.  This is done in an experiential manner through practical demonstrations and insightful conversations. In short, the retreat helps you to develop  “on-demand-better-thinking” capability that can be used by you in any part of your life.

The Brahma Kumaris IT Wing invites you to join a select few at the annual “Empowering the Self” Retreat. Here, you have the opportunity to pause, soak in some thought-provoking sessions, immerse yourself in nature, and learn / practice meditation. This retreat can  help you  to get connected to your true self and to your higher purpose. Fill yourself with the power of self-transformation and learn how ageless spiritual principles can be applied every day to increase your own efficiency and effectiveness.

We know you are committed to becoming a Better Version of yourself. 

Come join us to Empower Yourself, to Explore your Potential and to share your Experiences with like-minded IT Leaders.


11th – 15th April 2024

12:00 pm to 05:30 pm
6 pm to 7.30 pm (Important)
Retreat Orientation & Intention Setting
07:30 pm
Dinner with the group

06:30 am
Physical exercises
08:00 am
09:30 am
01:00 pm
Lunch break
02:00 pm
04:00 pm
04:30 pm
07:00 pm
Group Meditation
07:30 pm
Dinner with the group

*Detailed Agenda will be shared later

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Departures / Sightseeing

What to expect from the Retreat

Meditation Training
Time-tested and research-based better living techniques and guided meditation.
Applied Spirituality Sessions
Experienced Rajayogis takes you through finely curated sessions to develop "on-demand-better-thinking" capabilities.
Dedicated Downtime
Sometimes machines also need downtime; we're only human! So experience the power of taking a pause.
Physical Wellbeing
Sessions on physical exercises & yoga followed by healthy & rejuvenating sattvic food.


11th – 15th April 2024

11 Apr - 6 AM onwards
11 Apr - 5 PM
Retreat Orientation (Imp Session)
12 - 14 April
Experience Based Sessions
15 April - 9 AM onwards
Departures & Sightseeing


A refreshing spiritual retreat center in a beautiful, nature-inspired campus, nestled amidst the majestic Aravali mountain ranges in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan


Is it allowed to bring children?

Children are strictly not allowed.

When should I plan to arrive at the Venue ?

You can arrive anytime before 4 PM on 11th April. We can not provide you accommodation if you arrive before Thursday.

Any compulsory document ID?

Original Aadhar card with one photocopy is compulsory to attend the event

What should be my Dress Code?

Business Casuals

How do I reach venue from Ahmedabad or Udaipur Airport?

You can book taxis at the Airport to reach the venue. If you need any help with the booking, send us an email with complete details to [email protected]

Am I allowed to Smoke?

Smoking and Drinking are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Request everyone to refrain from these during your stay.

Will the Agenda include Sight-seeing?

The program completes on Sunday Night (check program schedule). You can go sightseeing on Monday

Can I donate Money for this Event?

YES. For more details, contact the organizers at the venue.

Will I get any Medical help if required?

YES, we do have our Global Hospital just 5 mins away from the Premises and also First AID within the Campus.

Is there an ATM nearby?

Nearest ATM is at least 4 kms away. So we strongly suggest that you carry requisite cash with you. This way you don’t have to go out of campus once you arrive.

How do I keep my stuff safe?

The campus is a very safe place but if you want to store your expensive belongings, we shall provide you with a Locker on request.

Registration is FREE but mandatory

For any inquiries please email [email protected]

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