Special Workshop

Fearless me...

Understanding Me & Mine

At this time during a global pandemic each one of us are living through very different times from what we considered usual lifestyle. It has evoked a range of emotions in people around the world. A dominant emotion among them has certainly been fear, albeit to different degrees to different people. What does it mean to be fearless? What aspects of our personality play role in fear? What understanding helps us understand our fears better and handle them. We explore these questions in the form of an engaging workshop.

Understanding me & mine: This workshop is focused on understanding myself and what do I really consider mine. We have known ourselves through various identities assigned to us by our profession, relationships, position, status, or others. This workshop explores these topics of our identity and our relationship with what we think we ‘own’, as they often seem to be at the heart of fear and, we believe are also central to overcoming fear. 

Sunday, 4th Oct 2020: 04:00 pm to 5:30 pm IST
Location: Online workshop (English)

(Please note that this event is only for the regular BK Students.)

Registration is FREE but compulsory

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