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Agenda of this event is to spread awareness amongst the corporates on the importance of developing the inner resilience, positivity and empowering the human assets thus enabling them to effectively countenance the challenges posed by the external environment in their professional and personal space.

To foster the well-being for the Self and the Organizations, the IT Wing of Brahma Kumaris, is organizing a half-day event exclusively for IT Leaders & Professionals, on the theme ‘Fast Forward to New Possibilities’ from 9:30 am to 1 pm on Sunday 11th Aug 2019 at the Auditorium of IIM Lucknow Noida Campus, Sector 62, Noida, UP. We are expecting more than 700 Leaders and Professionals from various IT Organizations from Delhi NCR to attend this occasion.

In the past, the IT Wing of Brahma Kumaris has successfully conducted various programs & workshops at leading IT organizations like TCS, Infosys, HCL, Wipro, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Intel, Amdocs, Barclays, QA InfoTech, Birlasoft etc.

Line Up

Sister Shivani is world-renowned motivational speaker. She has conducted many motivational courses, public seminars and television programmes on a range of topics concerning human behaviour and enhancing productivity at the workplace. She has transformed millions of lives through her inspiring life-changing talks and thru her popular TV programme “Awakening with Brahma Kumaris”. Her programmes have helped people overcome emotional stress, depression, addictions, low self-esteem and unhappy relationships.  She was recently honoured with the Naari Shakti award 2019 by Hon’ble President of India.

Bala Kishore is Vice President – Transformation at Searce Software. In his accomplished career spanning more than two decades, Bala has always been a champion of good team development as the cornerstone of effective management. He is a lifelong meditator with focus on leadership, self-development and human psychology. He is the founder of Spirituality in IT (SiT) Retreats & SPIR-IT Summit Wellness Conference for IT Professionals. Bala has done his MS in Computer Science & Engineering from NIT Warangal in 1995. He won prestigious British Chevening Scholarship in 2001 and did his Management degree at Manchester Business School in UK. Bala is a Certified Executive Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation.


Auditorium of IIM Lucknow Noida Campus, Sector 62, Noida, UP

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Note: Spouse is welcome, children not allowed. Kindly arrive at venue by 9.00 am

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