Brahma Kumaris IT Wing Presents–Facing an Uncertain Future
Tips and tools for when the future is filled with scary stuff that you’re not so sure you want to deal with

The world is changing and the future is increasingly becoming uncertain. It thus leads to rise in anxiety and stress levels, often to the point where once can’t think and just feel helpless. It can also lead to greater difficulty in working together, due to lack of trust and information and greater competitiveness for dwindling resources. Yet in these situations, it is more important than ever to think, plan together, identify areas where one can still influence events, and hold in mind the needs of the others. Join this session to explore more about how you can take charge of yourself and instead of finding fault emerge as a real hero?, a great leader.

About the Speaker:
Bubbles Chetty is a Spiritual Teacher who helps with Positive Thinking and Stress Management to individuals from all walks of life. Born is South Africa and now living in Australia Bubbles have experience in many different countries and studied counseling, religious beliefs and scriptures from all cultures and religions. During his journey and search, he has finally discovered Spirituality which takes one above religion.
(Kindly note that the entire session will be in English Language)

We welcome you along with you near and dear one for this wonderful session.

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