Digital Detox – KIS School

Experience Shared by Dnyaneshwar (One of Our Digital Wellness Ambassador)

Today’s day was special as I conducted Digital Detox session in my daughter’s school. You wont believe that the Principle made it mandatory for grade 3 to grade 9 along with the whole staff.
Initially I was bit skeptical about grade 3 to 5 students (about how much they will be able to infer from the session) but Principle was right. Shocked to know during the session that grade 4 student has a facebook account. And surprisingly, all these small children were so very engrossed into the session and they found it useful. Few of them even asked the questions!
At the end, we conducted the pledge involving staff and everybody happily took the pledge.
I must say – I will be ever grateful to the Supreme for introducing me with this Digital Detox campaign. Its going to make a huge difference in the establishment of Renewed and Holistic Humanity for sure!