Digital Detox – BMCC College

Experience Shared by Dnyaneshwar (One of Our Digital Wellness Ambassador)

I got an opportunity to discuss Digital Detoxification with more than 150 young minds perusing their graduation at BMCC College, one of the most reputed autonomous colleges in Pune. Though each one of them was carrying a mobile, none of them felt the need to check it during those 60 mins of talk. I shared the toxic effects of mobile phones when those are not used wisely. The students were engrossed in listening and understanding the “DIGITAL” formula for the digital detoxification.

The session ended on a positive note when all the students took the pledge not to use their phones while taking food, their first step towards Digital Detoxification

I was very happy to see all the teaching staff including HOD too understanding attentively and few of them sharing the feedback after the session!

This is so satisfying to understand that the Digital Detoxification campaign initiates the positive thought process in individuals’ minds about how to become a true master of one’s self.