Digital Wellness

Who is the master? You or your mobile?

Mobile and other Digital technologies have become an indispensable part of our Lives today, bringing in many advantages. But too much of a Good thing becomes BAD, sooner than later. Latest research shows that Mobile usage is on the rise among ALL sections of the society including kids as young as 2 years. Kids are getting ADDICTED to mobiles at a very very young age. Unfortunately, there is a LOT of IGNORANCE about Mobile usage, especially its ILL-EFFECTS. If un-checked we will have a Generation of Dumb, Inattentive, Anxious Zombies.
We are a Group of IT professionals, practising Raja Yoga meditation,  who would like to Spread the Awareness about how indiscriminate use of Digital technologies is becoming TOXIC to our Body, Mind, Brain and Life. Hence this Initiative to encourage each one of you to become a part of this Yagna of Digital Wellness.
This page lists all the necessary resources you need to start spreading the message of Digital Wellness in your own circles. 
    • Start with watching the Videos of the talk given below, a couple of times, review the Slide decks as you watch the video. 
    • Equip yourself by reading the articles given below.
    • Watch the Documentaries which explain various aspects of Digital Technology’s impact on our Lives.
    • Once you feel comfortable (you don’t need to feel confident, just start and your confidence will grow as you move on) start sharing the message in smaller groups, gradually increasing the size of the groups you address.

Spread this message in Schools, Colleges, Offices, wherever you can. Remember to start with your Home :-).

Come Join us and become a Digital Wellness Ambassador to Save (y)our Future.

For any queries, please contact: [email protected]

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