About BK IT Wing

IT Wing is committed to empower IT professionals to achieve balance through the application of Rajyoga Meditation principles in their personal and professional lives.

Our programs have been successful in building a culture of peace and harmony, powered by spirituality among the members and delegates from the industry, who, over the time, have experimented with Rajyoga meditation and used the spiritual tools to excel in their lives.

Conducted 100s of programs in 12 different cities across India. Empowered 1000s of IT Professionals belonging to Infosys, TCS, Intel, Searce, Barclays, HCL, QA Infotech, Oracle, HP, Google, Microsoft, etc.

The Brahma Kumaris is an international non-governmental organizatiaon (NGO) in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and UNICEF. It is also affiliated to the UN Department of Public Information. The Brahma Kumaris global headquarters is based at Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. Read more


BK Dr. Nirmala
BK Asha
BK Madhu
National Co-ordinator
BK Yashwant
HQ Co-ordinator

Brochure includes a brief introduction of IT Wing and it’s activities organized for IT Professionals.

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Avyakt BapDada’s Blessing for IT Team

  • Avyakt Murli – 17th Oct. 2003

…You continue to meet amongst yourselves and make plans for spreading the word in the world. (We are making plans for serving through Computers). There are computers in every corner. That takes less time and spreads everywhere…

  • Avyakt Murli – 21st Oct. 2005

…IT Group: Achha this group is a combination of the people from this land and those from abroad. Have you made any new plans? You have created a new website, you have started a new system of the Murlis and apart from that, you have started a new email system. The sound can be spread everywhere through this. So, concentrate on this and continue to make new plans and continue to move forward. Both this land and the land abroad do have a connection. The more you continue to make this department move forward, the more you will be able to give many people message while sitting in one place. You have found a very good method. The task of giving a message through the facilities will become the spiritual endeavor of your department. You have done well. Sister Mohini is handling this group. It is good. Look, this one is looking after the “Peace of Mind” and this one “The Call of Time”. You have taken a good seat. BapDada is giving blessings as well as congratulations for all their various services. May you have many blessings. (Dadi is also giving blessings).

  • Avyakt Murli – 14th Mar. 2006

…Those form the IT Group, raise your hands! BapDada heard the news that you maintained courage well. Everyone belongs to you and you belong to everyone. You have maintained courage very well. Now, BapDada will see where this IT group hoists the flag of revelation through their technology…

  • Avyakt Murli – 31st Oct. 2006

…IT Group: IT is good. Through your work, everyone becomes happy with the news they receive from you because this is a family, and there is happiness on receiving from the family. You did well. Of course the work used to happen, but you are now working together collectively as a team and doing it systematically; you are increasing it. You have created a good group and a have also increased it. There will be opposition, but when you are firm in your own position, the opposition will end. It is only when is opposition that you would have the enthusiasm to do this and that. So, the opposition makes you increase your position, you receive success and will continue to do so. This is guaranteed. If anything happens at any time, do not be afraid, for success is with you. You are not with those from the opposition; you are with those in position. You are doing very well. A good system has been created in every country (Sister Mohini is in charge of IT group). It is good. When someone becomes an instrument officially, then whatever work is carried out, by making it official, there is benefit. You have taken it up with the good courage. Many Many congratulations for that BapDada continues to receive news from every country of how you continue to have meetings and of the plans you make for the future and this is why BapDada is congratulating you…

  • Avyakt Murli 28th Feb 2010

…BapDada has seen that children have benefitted through the IT group, so that even those who are far away are able to see everything in front of them… The facilities are good and you are doing it, but now increase it… BapDada is pleased about this. It is good. You had meetings amongst yourselves; You increased zeal and enthusiasm and so continue to increase enthusiasm in this way. Continue to increase sharing the news among yourselves. It is good. Congratulations. Achha…

Annual Reports

In 2015, the IT services were formally organized into the IT Wing to effectively streamline all the events organized for the IT professionals. The number of IT Professionals who are getting benefited by the activities of IT Wing has been increasing consistently year over year.

The Lovely and Beautiful 365 days daily thoughts Desk Calendar will be a perfect way to be Optimistic and Motivated right from the beginning of any day.

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Brahma Kumaris, IT Wing Office, Shantivan, Abu Road, Rajasthan, India – 307 510